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    Getting Acquainted with the Project “Acceptance”

    In order to explain this project I decided, instead of telling you a sorrowful story behind it, to just post the series of photographs including project’s description, as it is. I wrote this short intro a while ago (see below ) when I was making a photo book. Well, book is a strong word for it but it’s my first one and I’m so happy it’s printed, so for me it is indeed a photo book. In addition to edition of only 6 ex I also handmade a limited edition book that I saw myself and filled with gelatin silver prints. Now this photo book is in private collection in Sweden.

    For about half a year ago I submitted 10 photographs from this series to LensCulture’s Magnum Photography Awards 2016. The project is rather weak yet, so it was interesting and very important for me to get a review (which was included in the application as a bonus). I was extremely happy to receive so many words of empathy and understanding! A person, who never met me and doesn’t really know the story behind the project, writes about the emotions I wanted to show, basing it only on my short description and 10 frames. There is nothing better than your work being understood. It gives energy and motivation to continue creating these emotions.

    I’d like to show you some photographs including the intro so you can feel the project and make your own mind about it. Next time you’ll read about the struggles of starting this project, and how photography helped me.
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