About me


… Everything you need to know about me is that I’m always on your side . Even when it seems I’m not – trust me, I’m trying very hard to put myself in your position. I’m this kind of person, I like to listen and understand. Pedagogy, teaching, perception and interpretation always interested me. It seems that everything has some sort of an explanation, at least it does in photography, art. I like to think so. Sometimes I think about everything that has happened to me… yet – all this, the worst and the best, makes me who I am today. I believe in “warmth”. I want to share and help those who’s seeking answers and support.

I’ve been living in Stockholm since 2009. Every day I speak and think in Swedish, English and a little bit less in Russian (my mother tongue). For me, speaking in other languages is a part of myself. Understanding of something in several languages, without translating from one to another, doesn’t only help your lexicon but develops some sort of intuition. I think with time you develop a similar intuitive feeling in photography.
Photography is first of all self-expression. There is no better way to show what I feel than by making a few photographs.

All my life I’ve been drawn to art and creativity: when I was little I spent all my free time in art school, I wrote about miniature painting during my BA in Oriental Studies, I finished photography school in Sweden, then studied MA in Curating Art and got a job at Moderna Museet. Now, after a long and annoying pause in my photography “career”, I’ve decided that it’s crucial to keep going, and so it begins again.

I got my interest in photography in 2005, and there wasn’t a day when I didn’t think that everything I created was weird and simply hopeless. I started to let go of these thoughts with time, and totally got rid of them in photography school. Art is perfect in its way, it’s like a pure stream of your emotional state, there is no right or wrong. I like to think that photography is a little window into myself. I have to open this window more often…

Self-expression through photography, somewhat philosophy, helps me to look at things from a different angle. No, I don’t know everything, my experience is my experience, no more no less, I believe in a continuous self-development. We all are in some kind of process of change, in a movement. There is no final destination, what for? If there would be a finish, what would you do there? Stop and wait there while everyone else is moving forward?
Self-expression is like self-development – it’s an eternal process of obtaining knowledge about yourself and your skills. So, here in this blog, on this site, I hope to be able to show you that.

For me it’s important to make the blog this place people go to with questions and leave with assuredness. Even if no questions answered, people would have a clue what to do and where to search. I want those who are seeking support found it here and recovered a little bit of themselves, and not only in photography. It’s important for me to help people find something and almost anything here, even if it is just a simple smile :)


Hugs xx